Environmental Initiatives

Consideration for the environment has become one of the important issues for a sustainable society.
Our company strives to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities based on the following environmental policy.

Environmental policy

  1. ♦ We comply with environmental legal requirements that apply to our company and other requirements to which we agree.
  2. ♦ We will develop environmentally friendly products that take into account the substitution of environmentally hazardous substances and the recycling of energy.
  3. ♦ We will reduce and separate waste within the company and promote effective reuse under proper management.
  4. ♦ We will strive to reduce utility costs and greenhouse gases by increasing the efficiency of lighting and air conditioning.

Concrete action

  1. ♦ We will expand our lineup of regenerative electronic loads that recover electrical energy.
  2. ♦ We will expand our lineup of measuring instruments such as power meters that support eco-design.
  3. ♦ We will gradually switch from providing product manuals on paper and optical discs to downloading them from our website.
  4. ♦ We will turn off electrical equipment such as lights and air conditioners in unused areas.