Privacy policy

TEXIO TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as TEXIO TECHNOLOGY) considers appropriate handling and protection of private information as our social responsibility. TEXIO TECHNOLOGY observes laws and the business ethical model related to the protection and always tries to meet social trust based on this basic policy (privacy policy) for the protection of personal information.


  1. TEXIO TECHNOLOGY makes the purpose of use clear and collects personal information by legitimate and fair way.
  2. TEXIO TECHNOLOGY makes the purpose of use for personal information to a person subject to personal information and uses it for our business only within the purpose of use unless determined by laws and ordinances.
      ·Information on our handled products.
      ·Response of inquiries.
      ·Personalization and access confirmation of websites or e-mail magazines.
  3. TEXIO TECHNOLOGY does not disclose nor offer personal information without consent of a person subject to personal information unless determined by laws and ordinances.
  4. TEXIO TECHNOLOGY supervises personal information appropriately when consigning the duties related to personal information to the third party.
  5. TEXIO TECHNOLOGY copes immediately according to fate of laws and ordinances to do the person’s request on the disclosure, correction, stop to use, deletion for personal information of which TEXIO TECHNOLOGY holds.
  6. TEXIO TECHNOLOGY appoints a personal information management representative internally to secure accuracy and safety of private information and establishes appropriate management system. TEXIO TECHNOLOGY also makes seminar and training for the importance of handling personal information to the director and employees not to lose, or destruct, or tamper, or leak out.
  7. TEXIO TECHNOLOGY announces the TEXIO TECHNOLOGY’s private policy to the public and sets the rules for the protection of private information to publicize it to the director, employees, and related parties.
  8. TEXIO TECHNOLOGY tries to comply with laws and ordinances related to personal information and improve the management system continuously.
  9. If you have any questions, comments or complaints about us or how we process your Personal Data, please contact us from Contact form.
 01, OCT. 2012
 01, JUL. 2018
 10, FEB. 2019
President: Tsung-Huei Teng