Business fields

We are a professional manufacturer of the power supply and electronic measuring instruments.

“Manufacturing” is the origin of the industry .
We’ve been sent out to the world the essential power and electronic measuring instruments in the development, production.
In planning capabilities and high technology and manufacturing capabilities of the level that ahead of the times, we are contributing to the world to support the “production“.

Supported in three product groups up to production, development and school education .

Power Supply

Power supply is evaluated and operability and output stability, from the meter type small DC power supply multi-output DC power supply, up to large-capacity power supply, Electronic Load have been widely used in such as companies, universities and institutes.

Basic Measurement Instruments

Basic measurement instruments such as Oscilloscope, digital multimeter, signal generator, and withstand voltage tester has been highly evaluated by the price-performance ratio in the education, development, and production.

Full custom

We also manufacture custom-order power supply.
We support not only your product development but also production with our valued power supply and measuring instruments.