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Signal Generators

2ch Function Generator

  • FGX-2220 2ch Arbitrary Function Generator

    •DDS Function Generator series
    •1μHz high frequency resolution maintained at full range
    •20ppm frequency stability
    •Arbitrary Waveform Capability
    •Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise, standard waveforms
    •Internal and external LIN/LOG sweep with marker output
    •Int/Ext AM, FM, PM, FSK, SUM modulation
    •Burst function with internal and external triggers without marker output
    •Store/recall 10 groups of setting memories
    •Output overload protection
    •USB interface as standard
    •3.5 inch Color TFT LCD (320 X 240) graphical user interface

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Arbitary Function Generator

  • FGX-295 50MHz Arbitrary Function Generator

    ● Output range up to 50MHz for sine waveform and 25MHz for square waveform.
    ● 5 standard waveform: Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse and Noise
    ● Arbitrary waveform function with 14bits, 125Mega sampling per sec.
    ● Flexible frequency sweep, burst waveform and modulation (AM, FM, PM, FSK and PWM) function.
    ● Standard equipment of USB(USB-TMC), LAN(LXI) and GP-IB
    ● Standard equipment of a useful PC application (WAVEPATT)
    ● Memorizes up to 4kinds of an arbitrary waveform with 256 points.

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  • FGX-2005/FGX-2112 Arbitrary Function Generator

    ● 0.1Hz ~ 5/12 MHz with in 0.1Hz Resolution
    ● Sine, Square, Ramp, Noise and Arbitrary Waveform
    ● 20MSa/s Sampling Rate, 10 bit Vertical Resolution and 4k point Memory for Arbitrary Waveform
    ● 1% ~ 99% Adjustable Duty Cycle for Square Waveform
    ● Waveform Parameter Setting Through Numeric Keypad Entry & Knob Selection
    ● Amplitude, DC Offset and Other Key Setting Information Shown on the 3.5” LCD Screen Simultaneously
    ● AM/FM/FSK Modulation, Sweep, and Frequency Counter Functions (FGX-2112 only)

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Function Generator

  • FG-281 Function Generator

    ● Generates Sine, Triangle, Square, Pulse, Ramp wave, and DC.
    ● Wide band output from 0.01Hz to 15MHz (Sine, Square wave).
    ● ±50ppm High Frequency Accuracy with Direct Digital Synthesizer.
    ● Amplitude and Frequency display with Vacuum Fluorescent
    ● Ten-key setting for amplitude and frequency, and continuouslyswitch waveforms.
    ● 0.1% step and 0 to 100% Duty control (Pulse and Ramp wave).
    ● +10V to -10V Offset control (Open circuit).
    ● Linear and Log sweep functions, and Burst function.
    ● Full remote control with GP-IB and RS-232C as standard.
    ● 9-point Presetting function
    ● Pulse Motor Control function by factory option at shipment.

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  • FG-274 Function Generator

    ● Output Waveforms of Sine, Square, Triangle and Pulse.
    ● The design of DDS and FPGA technology provide high quality waveforms.
    ● High frequency stability and accuracy: 20ppm.
    ● Low Distortion at -55dBc.
    ● Wide output frequency range: 4MHz
    ● Maximum frequency resolution of full range: 100mHz.
    ● TTL/CMOS output
    ● Variable DC offset control
    ● Variable Duty ratio control
    ● Output overload protection
    ● Store/Recall function

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RF Signal Generator

Color Pattern Generator

  • CG-971 Color pattern Generator

    ● Analog video signal/Audio signal output
    ● Conformity with NTSC,PAL,PAL-M and TNSC-4.43
    ● Selectable sync level
    ● Available for various and output patterns by system file
    ● Each staircase level in step pattern settable by voltage
    ● Natural image and Monoscope pattern output
    ● Max. 24 pattern installation
    ● Auto sequence mode
    ● GP-IB, RS-232C, and Digital IF (TTL) for remote control
    ● Half rack size of 19 inch EIA 2U

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