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The DC voltage produced through a transformer and rectifier circuit is a system in which high pressure to an arbitrary voltage. It has the merit that ultra-low noise, but the demerit that heavy, Low efficiency .

  • PA-B Series Regulaterd Powersupply

    ● Low ripple, low noise
    ● Digital display of voltage and current at the same time
    ● Series/parallel operation
    ● Floating output/voltage remote sensing terminal
    ● External analog control
    ● Monitor output
    ● EIA rack size
    ● Option: GP-IB Adapter (GP-600B and OP-18-PAB)
    ● PA18-1.2B/PA18-2B/PA36-1.2B:without handle.With handle model:PA18-1.2BVT/PA18-2BVT/PA36-1.2BVT

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