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  • PW-A Series Multi-Output Regulated DC Power Supplies

    ● One-Dial Control
     All setting conditions are selected at the single rotary-encoder.
    ● Tracking
     Output voltage and current value of positive and negative can be adjusted from zero at the same time by the absolute value tracking.
    ● 4-Point Pair Presetting of Voltage and Current Value
    ● ON/OFF Delay Time
     Delay-time can be set in each output.
    ● Output Selection
     On and off of each output can be selected and set besides the main output key.
    ● Key Lock
     A key lock function provides to hold all setting values except for power switch.
    ● Limit & Status Key
     The output voltage and current values can be confirmed by the limit-key. The trucking of each output and the condition of delay setting can be confirmed by the status-key.
    ● Various External Controls
     ON/OFF of main output, PRESET 1 to 4 and alarm.
    ● Overheating Protection
    ● GP-IB, USB, RS-232C
     GP-IB/USB interface(IF-41GU),USB interface(IF-41USB) and RS-232C(IF-41RS) provided as user option.

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