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A DC stabilized power supply is an essential device for supplying a stable DC voltage to a variety of electronic devices and circuits. In particular, its ability to maintain a constant voltage regardless of voltage fluctuations or load changes makes it extremely important for the operation of precision electronic devices.

Multi Function Switching Type

  • PFR-100 Series

    ●Constant Power Output for 5 Times Multi-range(V&I) Operation
    ●Natural Convection Cooling Design (Fanless Structure)
    ●Output ON/OFF Delay Function
    ●CV, CC Priority Mode
    ●Adjustable Slew Rate For Voltage and Current
    ●Bleeder Circuit Control
    ●Protections: OVP, OCP, AC FAIL and OTP
    ●Test mode function (Max 100steps sequence)
    ●Built-in USB and RS-232/485 Interface
    ●Built-in LAN and GPIB Interface (G Type)

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  • PSF-H Series High voltage Flexible range Regulated DC Power Supplies

    ● Main Applications
      High-voltage capacitors or relays used for hybrid cars, electric cars, solar power system and high-voltage LED lighting equipment.
    ● 6 times of flexible output range
      PSF-800H covers output for several units of conventional type regulated power supplies within 800W ( max voltage 800V, max current 6A. ).
    ● Constant Power Control
      CP mode is available in addition to CV and CC modes.
    ● Changeable setting style
      Vertical or horizontal setting by 90°rotating panel.
    ● Sequence Operation
      Stand-alone sequence is available with the insidememory programmed by PC, through the optional control board (IF-60GP, IF-60RU).
    ● Master-slave parallel operation
      Possible to increase the output current by master-slave parallel connection of the same model (up to 2 units).
    ● Various functions are available
      Output OFF timer, 3-point preset memory, Remote sensing, External analog control, OVP/OCP/OHP protections

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  • PSF-L Series Flexible range Regulated DC Power Supplies

    ● Flexible output range
    Possible to output voltage and current fexibly within the rating power.
    In case of PSF-800L, 10V/80A to 80V/10A, 20V/40A to 40V/20A, etc. are available corresponding to plural number of conventional regulated DC power supplies.

    ● Sequence function
    Stand alone sequence operation is possible sending the sequence made with PC to the unit through optional IF-60GP or IF-60RU interface board.

    ● Control of constant power
    In addition to constant voltage(CV) and constant current(CC), constant power(CP) is also available for use of supplying arbitrary power or as limit function to protect being added over power to load side.

    ● External control
    Output voltage and current can be set through external voltage or external resister, and to control output on/o by external contact signal.

    ●Parallel/series operation
    Including master unit, 4 units in parallel and 2 units in series connection can be controlled by one master unit.
    Current expansion model(exclusive slave unit) in parallel connection is available

    ● Others
      Off timer function
      3-point preset function
      Monitor out function (voltage,current and status)
      Protection function
      Delay function (PSF-400L2 only)
      Tracking function (PSF-400L2 only)

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  • PS-A / PS-AR Series Regulated DC Power Supplies

    ● Four digits LED display
    The high resolution display can indicate output voltage and current and power value. Voltage and current values can be easy to set with "digit key" by selecting a digit to be changed.
    ● Three points preset memory function
    Possible to preset three kinds of voltage and current values inside for easy reading of setting values.
    ● HI-R Function
    This function is useful for not to discharge secondary cell, not to ungild plating and so on.
    ● Off timer function
    Possible to turn off output automatically after a lapse of preset time.
    ● Controlling transient build-up current function
    This function enables to control current at output on and prevents current overshoot.
    ● Sequence function
    Stand-alone sequence operation is possible by loading maximum 1000 steps sequence program from PC into the unit through optional IF-70GU or IF-70RS interface board.
    ● Master slave operation
    This function enable to operate plural same units in parallel up to 2400W (up to 800W for 6V series) and in series for two units.
    ● External analog control (PS-A type only)
    The PS-A series can be controlled by external voltage or resistance for setting voltage and current values and by external contact for turning on/off output and selecting preset memory. PS-AR type dose not accommodate external analog control.
    ● Optional remote control interface boards
    IF-70GU (GP-IB and USB), IF-71RS (RS-232C) and IF-70PS (compatible with PS series) are available.
    ● RS-232C standard PS-AR type
    PS-AR type is included RS-232C control board. PS-AR type can connect max. 32 units and be controlled by PC. Simple and low-cost system can be provided.

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  • PSW Series Power Supply

    ●Voltage Rating: 30V/80V/160V/250V/800V, Output Power Rating: 360W to 1080W
    Constant Power Output for Multiple Range (V&I) Operation
    CV/CC Priority; Particularly Suitable for the Battery and LED Industry
    Adjustable Slew Rate
    Series Operation: Up to 2 units (30V, 80V, 160V models only)
    Parallel Operation: Up to 3 units
    High Efficiency and High Power Density
    1/2, 1/3, 1/6 Rack Mount Size Design (EIA/JIS Standard) for 360W/720W/1080W
    Standard Interface: LAN,USB,Analog Control Interface
    Optional Interface: GPIB-USB Adaptor, RS-232C-USB Adaptor

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