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Programmable AC/DC Power Source

ASR-2k/3k/4k Series

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The ASR series provides users with waveform output functions to meet various test requirements.

The ASR series is a  AC/DC power supply with an output capacity of 2000VA/3000VA/4000VA that uses an inverter method. Supports various AC waveforms, including a rich variety of output modes and measurement functions, harmonic analysis mode, sequence and simulation test functions, and arbitrary waveform mode. Furthermore, it is equipped with 9 different output modes by combining AC + DC, internal + external signals, etc. A model with USB/LAN and a model with USB/LAN/GP-IB/RS-232C are available for the interface. Equipped with a color LCD display, this is a AC/DC power supply that is multifunctional, intuitive, and easy to use. By using external input and arbitrary waveform functions, it is possible to generate large voltage and current signals that are difficult to use with a single signal generator.

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Output Rating: AC 0 – 400 Vrms, DC 0 - ± 570 V
Output Frequency up to 999.9 Hz
DC Output (100% of Rated Power)
Measurement Items: Vrms, Vavg, Vpeak, Irms, IpkH, Iavg, Ipeak, P, S, Q, PF, CF
Voltage and Current Harmonic Analysis(THDv, THDi)
Remote Sensing Capability
OCP, OPP, OTP, AC Fail Detection and Fan Fail Alarm
Support Arbitrary Waveform Function
Output Capacity: 2kVA/ 3kVA/4kVA
Customized Phase Angle for Output On/Off
Sequence and Simulation Function(up to 10 sets)
Interface(std): USB, LAN, RS-232C, GP-IB
Built-in External Control I/O and External Signal Input
Built-in Output Relay Control
Memory Function (up to 10 sets)
Built-in Web Server



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 Manual ASR-2k/3k/4k Series User manual
 Manual ASR-2k/3k/4k Series Programming Manual
 Driver TEXIO USB-CDC driver (Ver2.06)

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