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FG-281 Function Generator


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The FG-281 is a function generator using DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) for superior frequency stability. Possible to output sign wave and square wave at wide oscillation range from 10mHz to 15Mhz. A 10-key keypad provides user-friendly operation even though various functions are available. Possible to memorize 9 kinds of panel settings and they can be recalled easily. RS-232C and GP-IB interfaces are available as standard and enable to be controlled by PC (full remote control).


● Generates Sine, Triangle, Square, Pulse, Ramp wave, and DC.
● Wide band output from 0.01Hz to 15MHz (Sine, Square wave).
● ±50ppm High Frequency Accuracy with Direct Digital Synthesizer.
● Amplitude and Frequency display with Vacuum Fluorescent
● Ten-key setting for amplitude and frequency, and continuouslyswitch waveforms.
● 0.1% step and 0 to 100% Duty control (Pulse and Ramp wave).
● +10V to -10V Offset control (Open circuit).
● Linear and Log sweep functions, and Burst function.
● Full remote control with GP-IB and RS-232C as standard.
● 9-point Presetting function
● Pulse Motor Control function by factory option at shipment.


Main Output
Output waveform Sine, Square, Triangle, Plulse, Ramp, DC
Frequency range 0.01Hz to 15MHz (Sine, Square)
0.01 to 100kHz (Triangle, Pulse, Ramp)
Frequency resolution 0.01Hz or 5digits
Accuracy ±50ppm
Amplitude range at 50Ω termination 50mV(p-p) to 10V(p-p)
Setting resolution 3digit (Waveform 0.1mV, DC:1mV) (50.0mV to 10.0V)
Amplitude accuracy at 50 ±1% (Sine), ±2% (Triangle, Pulse), ±3% (Square)
Output impedance 50Ω
DC offset range at 50Ω termination ±5V or more
Duty ratio 20% to 80% (Square, 5MHz or less)
40% to 60% (Square, 5MHz to 15MHz)/Resolution 0.1%
0.0% to 100.0% (Pulse, Ramp)/Resolution 1%
Display 16 digit fluorescence indication pipe
Sine waveform

≦ -50dBc, 0.1Hz to 100KHz
≦ -45dBc, 100kHz to 1MHz
≦ -35dBc, 1MHz to 15MHz


(1kHz reference)

±1%, 0.01Hz to 100kHz
±2%, 100kHz to 1MHz
±3%, 1MHz to 15MHz
Square waveform
Over shoot / Symmetry ±2%
Rise / Fall time ≦ 20ns (1MHz or less, at max. output, 50
C MOS output / TTL output
Level Not available
Rise / Fall time Not available
Operation mode
Continuous (CONT), Trriger (TRIG), Gate (GATE)
Sweep mode Linear, Log, frequency up or down
Sweep time 1ms to 500s
Burst setting number ON BURST/OFF BURST: 1 to 65,536
Power source AC100V±10% or AC220V/240V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 55VA
Dimensions 210(W)×99(H)×353(D)mm
Weight approx. 4kg
Accessories Instruction manual × 1, AC power cable × 1

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