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FG-274 Function Generator


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● Output Waveforms of Sine, Square, Triangle and Pulse.
● The design of DDS and FPGA technology provide high quality waveforms.
● High frequency stability and accuracy: 20ppm.
● Low Distortion at -55dBc.
● Wide output frequency range: 4MHz
● Maximum frequency resolution of full range: 100mHz.
● TTL/CMOS output
● Variable DC offset control
● Variable Duty ratio control
● Output overload protection
● Store/Recall function


Main Output
Output waveform Sine, Square, Triangle
Frequency range 0.1Hz to 4MHz(Sine, Square)
Frequency resolution 0.1Hz
Accuracy ±20ppm
Amplitude range at 50Ω termination 10V(p-p)
Output impedance 50Ω
Attenuator -20dB×2
DC offset range at 50Ω termination ±5V or more
Duty ratio 20% to 80% 1Hz to 1MHz(Square only)/Resolution 1%
Display 9digit LED
Sine waveform
Distortion (At max. output, ATT OFF, TTL/CMOS OFF) ≦ -55dBc, 0.1Hzz to 200kHz
Flatness (At max. output, 1kHz reference) ±0.3dB, 0.1Hz to 1MHz/±2.0dB, 1MHzz to 4MHz
Triangle waveform
Linearity 2% or less (0.1Hz to 100kHz), 5% or less (100kHz to 1MHz)
Square waveform
Over shot / Symmetry ±1%±4ns (0.1Hz to 100kHz)
Rise / Fall time ≤25ns (at max. output, 50Ω termination)
COMS output / TTL output
Level CMOS: 4V±1Vp-p to 14.5V±1Vp-p, TTL: 3V or more
Rise / Fall time CMOS: 120ns of less, TTL: 25ns or less

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