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Electronic Loads

The electronic load device is essential for evaluating the performance of power supplies and batteries. It can precisely simulate a variety of load conditions, including constant current load, constant voltage load, and constant power load.

Programmable Electronic Load

  • LSG Series DC Electronic Loads

    ●175W/350W/1050W models and 2000W booster.
    ●LSG Series(150V type) ,LSG-H Series800V type).
    ●Operating Mode : C.V/C.C/C.R/C.P/C.C +C.V/C.R + C.V/C.P. + C.C.
    ●Sequence Function for High Efficient Load Simulations.
    ●Parallel Connection of Inputs for Higher Capacity. (With 4 Booster Units : Max 9.45kW or 4 Master Units)
    ●External Channel Control/Monitoring via Analog Control Connector.
    ●Program Mode to Create Work Routines for Repetitive Tests.
    ●Multiple-Interface : USB 2.0 Device/Host and RS-232C.
    ●Optional Interface : GP-IB and LAN
    ●Adjustable OPP/OCP/OVP Setting.

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Multi-channel Electronic Load

  • Multi Channel Electronic Loads

    ● Multi-channel & individual control
    Each channel is isolated and can be controlled individually.
    ● Low cost High performance
    The CC and CR modes are standard. Addition to standard, CV and CP modes are lined up. Various models are available based on usage scenes.
    ● 4 points presetting
    4 sets of frequently used value can be preset.
    ● Key lock
    Key lock function provides to hold all setting values.
    ● Various remote controls (user option)
    It is possible to add the interface function of GP-IB or USB after purchasing as user option.
    ● Front input terminal (1A/3A/7A models)
    The terminal is provided by factory option. (Maximum input current is 30A.)
    ● Maximum 12 channel in full rack size

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