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'TEXIO' brand products

  • RA-920B Resistance Attenuator

    ● Attenuation range 0 to 121dB (0.1dB steps)
    ● Frequency range DC to 1MHz
    ● Input/output impedance 600Ω±10Ω

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  • DL-2140 4 1/2 Digital Multimeter

    Specification Conditions: Temperature: 23˚C±5˚C
    Humidity: < 80%RH, 75%RH for resistance measurement readings greater than 10MΩ.
    Operating Environment:
    Temperature Range: 0~35˚C, Relative Humidity: < 80%RH;
    > 35˚C, Relative Humidity: < 70%RH
    Indoor use only, Altitude: 2000 meters , Pollution degree 2
    Storage Conditions
    Temperature Range: 0~35˚C, Relative Humidity: < 90%RH;
    > 35˚C, Relative Humidity: < 80%RH
    General: Power Consumption: Max 15VA AC100V – 240V ±10%,50/60Hz
    Dimensions: 265 mm (W) X 107 mm (H) X 302 mm (D)
    Weight: Approximately 2.9 kg
    Accessories Accessories CD-ROMx1, Test leadsx1 ,Power cordx1
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